Ryukin goldfish
Scientific Name Carassius auratus
Species Ryukin Goldfish
Lifespan 15 years
Recommended pH 6.0-8.0
Recommended Temperature 73-74°F
Recommended Gallons 20-30
Strata All
Temperament Semi aggressive
Disabilities none
Level of difficulty Beginner 

ryukin goldfish are a fancy type of goldfish.they are common and you can find them at many pet stores.try all goldfish (we know) can get can live with common goldfish and other fancies.they can come in colors including orange,white,and black

Ryukins were first bred in China.

The Ryukin were named after the Ryukyu Islands. Ryukins have a short deep body with a hutch. They can grow to 8 inches or more.

Ryukins can be bullies at times, they're pretty decent and fast at swimming