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Very young capless Red cap Oranda

IMG 8136

1 year old Adult Oranda. Not fully grown yet

Oranda  are a species of goldfish with a headgrowth on the top of their heads. 

Older Oranda red cap

Facts: Orandas grow then headgrowths aka the wen as they age. Young Orandas won't have their headgrowths until they're about 5-6 months of age or sooner or later. A type of Oranda is a red cap. They come in all sorts of colors.

Orandas are very delicate goldfish due to their wens. The large wen on their heads can hinder their vision.  
IMG 8225

Juvenile Oranda red cap, and an 1 year old Adult Oranda.

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Calio Oranda

IMG 6252

A young Oranda red cap