1. Do not!!! post gory pictures of fish you will be banned permanently
  2. Do not post abused fish, like them being life on a table out of the water. But it is ok to post pictures of them out of the water in your hand for a picture as long as they're back in the water.
  3. Do not post pictures of getting eaten or used as feeder fish, you will be banned permanently
  4. Do not talk about religion, it is alright to say your fish's name is Jesus, or Satan or Budda, or Catholic, you will not get in trouble for it. But don't tell us your fish's name something inappropriate like something sexual or a curse word. If you wanna post and tlak of your fish give it a wiki nickname or something if you do
  5. no cursing
  6. Do not insult mods,
  7. Do Not laugh at mods, insult them for giving you advice that you find dumb. Like If I (a mod) tell you not to put your fish in a bowl, Don't insult and laugh at me for giving you that answer.
  8. Do not ask users to bring people here from another wiki you're banned at. Go do that somewhere else.
  9. Do not post wiki chat links in this wiki, you can post the wiki link its self, but not their chat link.
  10. Do not cause drama
  11. No socks
  12. Do not remove stuff from this wiki, or delete pages, or vandalize. If you think its funny to do that, then you need to leave the internet or go to youtube section of the comments where the other scum like you can freely room and think about what ever crap goes on in your head.

14. Please do not post pictures that aren't goldfish related

15. You may add stuff to the information of the fish, and dieases and all that jazz, but do not get mad if I (a mod) Deletes it because I find the information wrong, like if you put "Goldfish belong in bowls" It will get deleted off the information list because that is 100% Wrong and don't get mad that I removed that information you posted.