basic common goldfish.

the common goldfish is the most common type of can come in many different colors. including orange and white.they can be in aquariums and can get them from:carnivals;pet shops;the wild;and from breeders.they can live with liveor artificial my opinion common goldfish need about 55g, because common goldfish get the largest of the goldfish family. like all goldfish they can get ich(unless there is a super goldfish that is immune to it).they do well when placed with koi.they can live in waters from 60 degrees*-75 degrees*.they can live with most decor but make sure it isn't to pointy.the most popular decor is the is in man aquariums including mine for i was saying about getting them try [[1]].the last time i was there i saw 100s of fish.try petco for decor too.they have amazing decor for many different themes. Common goldfish can live up to 45 years the longiest living goldifsh was 43 years old and named Tish. 

Cobrayen 02:40, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

the common goldfish can grow to be 20 inches to even more 


Ever heard the old saying. "Goldfish can live in a small bowl"

"Rule of thumb: 1 inch per galloon" if you're goldfish is one inch just put them in a 1g tank"

I'd like to say that's beyond wrong Common Goldfish need about a 55g tank

Fancy since they're not as big as common goldfish need 20g for the first fish and 10g for every other fish.